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I’m Sorry you.

Umm yeah, lol. I wanna talk bout this one girl, she’s actually kind, nice, cute and beautiful girl. Yea, only i’m that always make troubles hmm, I’m sorry. To her, I don’t mind if you fall for other boys, all I just want you to be happy. I hope your future will be bright one day. And I know that you are still in your past, that’s why I always hurt you. I’m sorry, but now I want to change, for my family, myself, and maybe you if you still want to accept me. I know what i write is kinda weird but, yes, this time i truly mean it. I’m sorry for what i’ve done before this. I’m glad that whensomeonecheer you up, you start to be happy, how lucky he is, hm. I wish you treat me like that too! That’s why I don’t wanna be in relationship, it’s hurt. Honestly, yes hurt me everyday but i always pray that hope our relationship will be more strong. What i say ia a yes, I won’t find others again, I think i can’t forget you. hmm. A lot of sorry, maybe this wording is enough for me to tell everything. I don’t wanna lose you. Even if you call me shit or what, i will still love you :) Bethany <3